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In a world of filtered perfection, it's important to remember that life is not always as it appears on social media. For me, living life true to my values and needs is essential, while also embracing the ups and downs along the way.From globetrotting as a young adult, to navigating my professional life in my 20s, and finally taking the leap in my mid-30s to move near the ocean in south-west France. I have experienced many changes. But it's not always easy - sacrifices, loneliness, embracing new cultures, and learning new languages as well as parenting and maintaining relationships are just some of the challenges that arise when making such changes.I've discovered that it's only through seeking support and guidance that I've been able to find balance in my life, work, and play. And I want to help you do the same.Our sessions together are designed to be enjoyable, inspiring, and motivating. There are no additional tasks or homework, so you can focus on living and experiencing the difference for yourself. 


"...clarity, inspiration and motivation... "

“James is a fantastic coach! He has not only helped me turn my business around but has also given me a new lease of life as a result.  I come away from each coaching session with so much clarity, inspiration and motivation to make positive and productive changes that has helped grow my confidence.  James is an extremely kind and thoughtful coach who asks thought-provoking questions which challenge me and encourage me to move forward.  I wholeheartedly recommend James."

"...ability to support me at all levels...."

"James has the ability to support me at all levels. Whether that be business, personal or professional. As a life coach and business expert himself, he takes a client led approach with sensitive listening skills. I appreciate James’ commitment to both his work and his clients and I highly recommend anyone looking for a talented and effective business and marketing consultant."  

"...making progress, step by step."

"I found James after a frustrating 2 years spent building my online business and wow, what a breath of fresh air! His direct, reasonable and practical approach cuts through all the noise. I now feel like I'm making progress step by step. I just wish I'd found him sooner. He's a really nice guy and pleasure to work with." 

"...he just 'got me'...."

"I was recommended to James. He just "got" me and importantly my learning style and took me gently through my wish list always making suggestions and showing me different possibilities - always giving me a choice. He that unusual combination of seeing the big picture together with the detail needed for now. I can't recommend him enough! He's a thoroughly great, honest guy and I enjoy every session."

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